Make $$$ Helping Others

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I’m so excited that you are considering to be a Coach on the Fab, Fit and Fearless team!!

A Coach is passionate and dedicated to helping people achieve their goals. They need to be consistently sharing how Team Beachbody can help change the lives of those they meet, through building relationships and connecting with people to find out what their goals are to determine which programs would be right for them.

Our products are proven to work (odds are you’ve heard of P90X, Insanity or Shakeology!). They change the lives of thousands of people every single day and our job as Coaches is to help them through support, motivation, and making sure they get the product that’s right for them. HOW COOL IS THAT?? It is ALL about HELPING other people succeed!

Also, a Coach needs to be committed to being proof the products work by using the programs every day…aka drinking Shakeology and working out. We aren’t selling. We are leading by example.

Finally, Coaches need to be committed to consistently improving and developing themselves. Personal development is key in building confidence, setting goals, and helping us stay focused on the activities we need to complete to see our businesses grow.

For starters, you get to set your own work hours. If you have a full-time job (as most do!) then you might choose to spend a few hours working your Team Beachbody business on your lunch break and at night, instead of watching TV. As your business grows and you can afford to spend more time focusing on it, you’ll be able to start the transition from part time to full time (if you choose to, because remember, you are your own boss!).

You can also choose to work your business in person, online, or both. This business is flexible and will work for anyone. Plus we have complete training to get you started fast and effectively! You are not alone! You will have an amazing team supporting you!

We are all here for you as you begin this exciting journey toward your personal and business goals. This is YOUR story, and you have the ability to make this journey as BIG as you want it to be! I will be with you every step of the way!

By simply filling in your information HERE, I will PERSONALLY contact you to set you up for success to start earning money from home and improving your lifestyle all at the same time. SIGN UP AND GET STARTED TODAY!