Meet Sarah

business profile white1So ecstatic you have stopped by! I am Sarah Facemire and I currently live in Fort Hood, Texas with my husband Alex and my two dogs, Eden and Bandit. This blog is about health, fitness and the motivation to get it done!

I really used to be able to eat whatever it was I wanted when I was younger. It didn’t matter. Ice cream, pizza, doughnuts… you name it. I was a TWIG! Fast forward to my relationship with my now husband and in the process of getting older my metabolism was slowing down and all of my poor choices in food were starting to catch up with me slowly.

Over the course of 2-3 years after graduating high school I had gained nearly 50 pounds and was DEVASTATED! I was no longer comfortable in my skin and really struggled with my self-esteem as a result.

As soon as I was getting close to reaching 200 pounds I knew it was time for a change even though I had no idea how or where to start. It needed to happen though and that is when I made the decision to figure it out.

Shortly after making my decision is when I found Beachbody and my life is forever CHANGED!

As you explore my blog, please comment!!! I love reading them! And definitely, sign up for a free account to have me as your personal Coach! If you take one thing away from me, KNOW that YOU ARE YOUR ONLY LIMIT TO ACHIEVE ANYTHING!